Administration Setup
There is a Parish Council to advise the parish priest and to co-operate with him in the parish administration. Members of the Parish council are elected from the chief of the families of a family unit and a few parishioners are nominated by the parish priest.

After the election and nomination, they are approved as the parish councillors by the Arch Bishop and they profess Faith and take oath during the mass on a Sunday. From among them two Trustees, who are the close associates and collaborators of the parish priest are elected.Again they are also approved by the Arch Bishop. On every third Sunday of every month, parish council is held. The parish priest presides over the meeting. After prayer and report the accounts of the previous month are read out and the council approves it. Then the council discusses matters relevant to the parish and take concrete decisions which are implemented. Thus lay participation and co-operation is made sure and effective according to the spirit of Vatican II.