Annual Feast
Annual FeastEvery year Annual Feast is celebrated on Saturday and Sunday following 10th of October, and Octave on next Saturday and Sunday.

From 1st October onwards the faithful gather in the church and chapels and pray the Holy Rosary most devoutedly for the success of the feast and to get blessings of Koratty Muthy. In between the feast and the Octave a candle procession is taken out around the church praying Rosary. The feast of Koratty Muthy is a Local Festival for all the people irrespective of caste and creed.

The procession with band, drum beats and adorned umbrella attract people during the festival. It is a moving scene when the devotees crawl on their knees, pay respect to Holy Mother, Koratty Muthy. Every day during the feast days there is the blessings of vehicles. And everyday Novena is conducted for special intentions.

10 to 15 lakhs of devotees visit this Holy Shrine during the festival days

Every year the feast of Koratty Muthy is celebrated on the Sunday following 10th of October. Earlier the feast of St. Rose was celebrated in the month of October. That is why the statue of St. Rose is also taken for procession. It was after 1921that Mar Augustine Kandathil, The Metropolitan gave permission to celebrate the Octave. The feast of Koratty Muthy is the festival of all people from every caste and creed from Koratty and it’s near by places. The flow of pilgrims from different parts of India is an unforgettable experience for Koratty. The occasion filled with relatives and guests. The path is filled with street venders. There is Great pomp and fanfare every where in the month of October.

Annual FeastThe devotion of feast is persevered through different devotional activities till the last Sunday like rosary on the first ten days of October, followed by flag hoisting, feast and octave. Large number of people gather together to pay homage and offering to the miraculous statue of Koratty. The prayer with tearful life situations and with tearful eyes in front of koratty muthy, who listens when called, is a blessing. People irrespective of caste and creed humbly and respectfully bend their knees before Koratty Muthy. Thousands of people intercede before Koratty Muthy for getting children, normal delivery, healing, marriage, getting jobs, success in examination, peace in family life, recovery from debts, release from habitual sins etc. Newly married couples come near Muthy to pay offering and homage for their marital success.

Dedication of children as ‘slave’ (adima) to Koratty Muthy is a specialty here. Those who are troubled with family problems offer “Bhajana” and sits in front of Muthy in fasting, reciting rosary and prayers. Poovankula is the main offering here. Thulabharam’ (an offering symbolizing total surrender of the self before Muthy whereby devotees weigh their body weight) with “Poovan Kula” (a special variety of Plantain) is also done here.